Crystal S Williams is the owner and founder of Creative Works Studio LLC DBA Creative Works Mentoring Solutions, & CreativeWorks Ministries (Non-Profit Public Charity)

"A Heart of Passion for healing and recovery for the misunderstood & forsaken"

Crystal S Williams helps the young and old heal from past/present trauma, discover purpose while finding greatness within; so that they will be fully delivered and not feel forsaken/distressed.
She utilizes therapeutic arts, faith-based counseling, and mentoring/coaching solutions to discern the client needs to provide spiritual nutrition, insight and solutions that empower them for success, but her life hasn’t always been this way or about these works. She has known deep loss in almost every area of her life. Loss of job, wealth, loss of relationships and health. She has been at the top of her game and completely at the bottom of the pit near death’s door. Yet because of her overcoming testimony of faith,  the joy of regaining her life, she now knows what matters most and is fully qualified to share her experiences, wisdom, empathy and solutions with everyone in her  sphere of influence. 

She's an innovative counselor with a prophetic voice that holds certifications in faith-based counseling, mentoring, coaching, and art therapy.
Crystal S Williams is an HCPS Art Instructor of Henrico Adult Education Center in Richmond Virginia where she offers wellness art therapy group sessions.

Creative Works Ministries performs community efforts 3 times a year serving up to 300 families a year with free art therapy and counseling sessions
. Crystal S Williams is a “Power Paint Speaker” in public speaking engagements she uses her art of illustration to empower groups and organizations. 

Three entities with the same heart and vision!

"Healing Hearts & Discovering Purpose One Canvas & Consultation At A Time"

Crystal S Williams is an author of 3 books on Amazon, "Deliverance Collage", “The Encounter" & "I Can’t I Have Trust Issues” and co-author 
"The Voice in the Paint: The Blood Speaks. Symbolism of the Poppy in Prophetic Paintings"  Hardcover on Amazon


CWM Art Club & Camp is for all ages!  Explore the healing art & the prophetic arts in a culture of empowerment.
Benefits include monthly sessions
Online Community
Ask the Coach Access: Includes Personal Art Interpretation
Discounted Paint Parties
Gift shop discount
Free Local Group Access
Preferred seating to all events
VIP online access events
Art Supplies Included for monthly sessions
Covid 19 Kit includes (disposable mask, apron, gloves, hand sanitizer)
(One) Buddy Pass per membership for new visits only
$99.95 Registration Fee
$29.95 monthly Membership dues
After payment submit your request to join the online Facebook community of support.
You can find this online group on our website:

Register to join $99.95 and Only $29.95 monthly
6 Week Coaching Courses
Creative Works Healing Arts
This course is 6 classes of an Introductory Creative Healing
Canvas Art course. Learn how to overcome stress and trauma
with creative exercises. Discover your purpose in life as the
instructor unfolds the interpretation of your canvas art. This
class is insightful and enlightening and promotes emotional
Students will be guided through art sessions using paint 
on the canvas to express and reveal past or present trauma 
and present hope through the art of colors.
  • Self-Discovery on the canvas of life
  • Heal from past trauma on the canvas through the art of painting
  • Heal from present trauma on the canvas through the art of painting
Creative Works Prophetic Arts
Students will be guided through art sessions using paint on the canvas
 to express and reveal present time truths about self and the world.
  • Understanding The Prophetic Arts
  • Learning to interpret Your Own Art
  • Understanding Prophetic Colors
  • Prophetic Illustration & Prophetic Symbolism 
Creative Works Art & Business
The Monetization of The Arts 
 • How much should I charge (Sales language & pricing scale) 
• How to present a live prophetic art illustration (Event protocol & strategies)
 • How to interpret publicly vs personally 
• Legal do’s & don’ts to the prophetic arts (Representing God & remaining blameless)
Enrollment & Schedule
Meet & Greet TBA
Meet the instructor with a warm introduction and complimentary group art session

Creative Works Healing Arts
Creative Works Prophetic Arts


Creative Works Arts & Business
Meet & Greet
End of Year Creative Works Art Celebration & Art Networking Event
Computer/ Smart phone for online students
Supply List: 
Basic acrylic paint brush set
12 Canvas boards size 10” and 12”
Assorted acrylic paint
Water cup
Apron (optional)
 GRADING PLAN: Developmental No grading scale
Enrollment: $295 per student which includes one buddy pass option value ($195.95)
Buddy Pass: $99.95 Limit ONE per enrollment eligibility
(No payment plan)
Payment Plan: 3 payments of $99.95
(No refunds all registrations are final)
*Class is recorded and recording is only available with accepted review request from student only ( No buddy pass on recording availiblity)
Certificate of Completion Awarded
From the office of
Creative Works Studio LLC

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Give us the opportunity to provide you the most innovative therapy to rediscover greatness, rebuild confidence, & recover all after pass of present trauma.

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Gift Certificate 1hr session (Limited Time Special)
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